Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our New Home

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Be Thankful

A friend of mine had this posted on her Facebook page and had to share!  Talk about a hefty reminder to be thankful for all that we are blessed with.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Simple Way to Stay Positive

It's so very easy to get caught up in a negative frame of mind. One minor thing can throw your whole day out of whack. What I find most amazing, is how much energy it can consume being in that negative state. The negative seems to possess you, your breathing becomes heavier, your heart-rate increases and you have this overwhelming need to "share" this news. If there is no one around to tell, you might start thinking of who you could call to tell, maybe post it on Facebook. It's pretty funny when you think about it and yet, so sad at the same time.

To avoid feeding the "Negative Monster" so it won't come back begging for more, as soon as something happens, that gives you the first telltale sign of any of the above. Immediately say cancel, cancel, cancel to yourself, take some deep breathes and find something good to think about.

You might also want to come up with a keyword or phrase that you know would trigger a happy thought. Maybe your pet's name, or a place you've been on vacation that brought peace to your soul. You could also use the title of a song that makes you feel good. Then concentrate on the words to that song and begin to sing or hum it. It doesn't matter what it is as long as it gets you out of that negative state. I personally like "I Will Survive." It's just one of those empowering songs, imagine breaking up with the negative feelings or The Devil. But you might like a love song to or even a gospel song.

Whatever it is that gets you out of that negative energy and back to a higher vibration the faster you do it the better. Remember each moment and each day you are creating your future, no Negative Monsters allowed.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

There is Only One Power

From Telepsychics: Tapping Your Hidden Subconscious Powers by Joseph Murphy:

Telepsychics: Tapping Your Hidden Subconscious PowersThe most important truth you can learn is that there is only one power.  This power is omnipresent and, being thus, it must be within you - the very life of you.  When you use this power constructively and harmoniously and according to its inner nature, men call it God, or good.  When you use this power within negatively or destructively, men call it by such names as devil, satan, evil, hell, misfortune, etc.  Be honest with yourself and as yourself this simple question: "How am I using the power within me?" and right there you have the answer to your own problem. It is as simple as that.

I read Telepsychics cover to cover yesterday.  Those of us who study The Law of Attraction know it is always present and always working.  The first book I ever read on the subject was The Power of Your Subconscious Mind  which is another incredible book by Joseph Murphy.  Knowing The Law and applying The Law are two different things though.  In each and every book I read on the subject I find more and more inspiring ways of looking at life and the power of God.

Leave a comment and share what book(s) you have found real inspiration in.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Who is That Whispering to You?

Have you ever noticed when you begin to work on something new to improve your life, whether it's starting to use a new affirmation or making a lifestyle change, like going on a new diet, a new energy seems to takeover and things just seem to be going your way.  There you are just skipping along all happy go lucky when in strolls "the devil".  Negative thoughts begin to bombard you, the feelings of enthusiasm soon turn to doubt and your mood goes from high to low in no time flat.

That devil, that seeks to challenge your good intentions, is merely a part of your subconscious mind.  A part that is resisting change and when "the devil" starts to whisper his fallacious statements to you, you know you are on the right track and in the process of building a new beliefs to replace the old ones. 

This is the time in the process of creating a better life that it's most important to press on and not give in to those old thought patterns. Whenever that devil whispers to you, say to yourself, cancel, cancel, cancel.  Then immediately think of anything at all that makes you happy.  Don't let him settle in and make himself at home, he's not welcome. 


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