Saturday, April 30, 2011

The News and How It Shapes Your Views

In the last post, Being The Boss of Your Subconscious Mind, we talked about using the power of visualization to attract things we want and how your subconscious has a built in reference guide.

Today we are going to talk about attracting things through default.  We do this when our emotions react to outside influences.  We need to be consciously aware of the outside world but we also need to choose what we accept to be Truth.

Watching the news on any given day could give rise to emotions that your financial situation is doomed. I was talking to a business owner a couple of weeks ago.  He had been working on a pretty big sale that would earn him a large commission, then he said, "But I'm not so sure about it, what with the price of gas going up along with everything else. People just don't have the money to spend."  It's times like that I just want to ask people if they hear what they are actually saying.  Not only is he saying it but from his body language I could tell he was emotionally attached to the statement.  If he let's that belief take hold he will surely sabotage the deal, but in his mind it wouldn't have been his fault but the fault of the economy.

There's nothing wrong with watching the news and being informed.  The problem is when you get emotionally involved and start living according to the influence rather than using your own power of creative thinking to shape your own personal experiences.

There are so many people that thrive personally in a bad economy.  I remember when I first started out on my own and moved into my own place.  I was out buying furniture, going out on the weekends, shopping at the mall.  Why?  Because my personal economy was doing just fine.  I honestly didn't have a clue what the "recession" meant and why I should even care about it.  Ahh, there are times that ignorance is bliss because it surely shows that our own beliefs are a strong force to shape our personal world in wonderful ways.  

One of my favorite quotes is by Zig Ziglar - "There's not a lot you can do about the national economy but there is a lot you can do about your personal economy."

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