Saturday, August 7, 2010

Using Candles to Attract Positive Energy

Candles emit positive energy and convey to the universe your intentions. Below you will find a list of colors and what they attract. Black candles serve to dissolve the negative energies, however; black should always be burned with another color in order to bring forth balance.

Green: abundance, growth and health

Yellow: intellect, wisdom and honor

Red: energy, vitality, and strength

White: purity, innocence, clarity and unity

Pink: devotion, love, tenderness and faith

Gold: enlightenment, protection and Divine Mother

Lavender: Mother consciousness, manifestation and selflessness

Blue: communication, truth, peace, and Divine Mother

Orange: cleanses negative attitudes, situations and places

Brown: material prosperity

Purple: use with white candle to neutralize effects of karma and ego

Rose: compassion for self and others, higher mystical powers, humor

Peach: restoration and rejuvenation

Ivory (beige): neutrality, balance and harmlessness

Black: Burning black with any other color disolves negative energies!

*Tip: Halloween is always a great time to find black votive candles!

One more thing you may do is burn a bayberry candle -

Light and burn a Bayberry candle and let it burn til the end so you might want to get a short candle or taper. Say this poem: A Bayberry candle when burned to the socket bring luck to my home and money in my pocket. from Where Heaven and Earth Meet

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