Sunday, August 29, 2010

Turning Your Life Around - General Positive Affirmation

There are times when we all find ourselves in a negative state of mind.  This can be in any area of your life, a relationship, work or business, or a money problems.  Sadly when we have a problem we tend to focus on it rather than all the good things around us. 

If you find yourself polluting all the good things in life with the problem, that problem can create more difficulties in other areas of your life.  As an example, if you are having financial problems the way you handle it can have a negative affect on your marriage.  There are times when saying a specific positive affirmation feels more like a lie and hardly believable and if anything that affirmation might just compound the problem with making you more angry.

We are all human and it happens.  For myself when I have these sorts of days or times I like to use the below affirmation. It's a combination of many affirmations that I've found over the years and joined together. 

Use it whenever your thoughts are creeping in the wrong direction, repeating it as often as needed or over and over as you fall asleep at night.

I forgive the world, the world forgives me and I forgive myself.  I release any resistance and I accept the good God has for me now. 

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